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But it never seems enough.


**This account is simply my caloric log, and my current feelings related to my "diet". If you don't want to hear what it sounds like in my fucked-up head, leave**
I'm 5'4". I way 128 pounds. I am a fatass.
My story. . .
All my life I had thought I was big. Way too big, no matter what other people said. Last December I decided to weigh myself and saw 145 on the scale. I then proceeded to have a mental breakdown and puke until I felt dizzy. I ate only one meal a day, at the most, and dropped 35 pounds in three months. I wasn't happy yet but neither was my boyfriend at the time. His sister was a recovering anorexic and he freaked out when he found out that I wasn't "eating enough". He forced me to eat more. That was the end of February and until last week I've begrudgingly complied to his request. After a month I cannot stand the process of: shove it in you mouth, chew, swallow, DON'T puke. I've now limited myself to 300 calories a day. I am thirteen. I don't eat. I want to be skinny. And no matter what people say I don't have a problem.